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Accession number 0000.011
Catalog Number 0000.011.008.001 C
Object Name Newspaper
Title North Louisiana's Neglected History
Scope & Content 1st of A Series

"North Louisiana's Neglected History"
Rupert Peyton

Did you know that northern Louisiana's history is little known and little publicized? North Louisiana has a long and glamorous - history, the equal to any section of the state and it should be made known generally to the public..
Do you know that the northern Louisiana hills are among the oldest formations on the earth?
That mastodons, prehistoric elephants roamed this region and left their fossil remains in several places?
That a pre-Indian race of , people inhabited this area? That Bossier Parish was the first area in the state visited by the white man? That DeSoto and his men visited Bossier and Caddo parishes and conferred with the Caddo tribe, and that a kinsman of DeSoto was buried near Shreveport?
That the first Indian treaty in the Louisiana purchase was made with the Coushatta tribe near Plain Dealing?
That Caddo and Bistineau lakes were formed by an earthquake in 1811?
That the first mayor of Shreveport was killed in a duel?
That James Bowie often visited in this area and has kinsmen living now in Shreveport?
That Shreveport was capture by a "foreign" army and hel under martlal law for several days in the 1830's
That the first hostile act and declaration of war against the Federal Union occurred at Rocky Mount Bossier Parish?
That the last gun Civil war and last Confederate soldier surrender in Shreveport months after
the surrender of Lee in Virginia, thus making end west Louisiana the both the sunrise and sunset of the Confederacy?
That the Carpetbag---- and his deputies Red River Parish were slain in a riot at Coushatta?
That a 13-year-old lad quelled a mob. on -----during the Carpetbag sea at Mansfield with a like cannon which he and another youth constructed?
That the bloodiest riot that came as the aftermath of the Civil War occurred at Brownlee in Bossier parish and about 200 persons died in this riot?
That a Bossier judge was arrested for sentencing a Negro for horse theft?
That the worst steamboat tragedy in the history of the state when between 75 and 100 lives were lost, occurred on Caddo Lake?
That a Carpetbag governor was scorned and a, Union general was acclaimed after they made speeches on Market street in Shreveport?
That five Catholic priests sacrificed their lives to attend the sick and dying during the yellow fever epidemic in Shreveport in 1873?
That over water drilling for oil now so widely spread in coastal regions, began on Caddo Lake?-
That the cementing of oil wells, now so necessary in oil exploration, began in the Caddo oil fields?
These and many other interesting items are told in a series of articles by Rupert Peyton, former reporter and city editor of a Shreveport newspaper and the Bossier Press, which will begin next week in the Press.
That the first super highway was built in Bossier Parish during the nineteenth century?
That a band of armed citizens forcibly moved the official record of Bossier Parish from Bellevue to Benton in the early 1890's and were upheld by courts?
That an anti-lottery editor at Minden who was castigated by a lottery editor, issued a challenge and flogged his opponent who appeared on the dueling ground very drunk?
That a Shreveport city judge fought a bloodless duel about 1900?
That the famous sheriff, who ended the career of Billy the Kid, noted outlaw, was a native of Claiborne Parish?
That a Shreveport woman drove the golden spike that marked the completion of a railroad in Shreveport?
That the beautiful son "In the Gloaming," was written by a resident of Union Parish?

Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact
Inventoried date 2010-03-24