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Name Edwards, Larkin
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Associated Records

1998.074 - 1998.074.001

Copy of Memoirs of Albert Harris Leonard, circa 1830's to 1860's; good description of life in early Shreveport as a wild Western town, gunfights and gambling houses. Mentions trip to Bossier Parish Benton to Collingsburg, new town created by James B. Gilmer.

2000.052 - 2000.052.017

"Old Coates Graveyard" article, by Dale Jennings. Over 100 acres of Burt pasture containing the Coates graveyard and Indian mound were sold. There are plans to develop a subdivision on the property. Five pages. In August of 2006 Dale Jennings summarized this article and sent it to the newspaper as the plans for the subdivision progressed and the old cemetery was more threatened.

2006.070 - 2006.070.001

Five page article "James and Paulina Pickett," by Dale Jennings. From the article: "James B. Pickett had a part in the development of Shreveport and Bossier Parish across the Red River. His accomplishments no doubt would have been greater had he lived a full life. This is an effort to clarify the events bearing on the above, and to briefly trace the lives of his widow, Paulina, and their children after the utimely death of Pickett in 1842."

2007.106 - 2007.106.001

"Chalk Level Plantation," by Dale Jennings. This is a four-page article about a nineteenth century plantation that covered much of what is now the southern part of Bossier City.

1998.091 - 1998.091.047

Copy of Plat Maps by Township and Range of Bossier Parish, LA. NorthWestern District, LA Locations include: Red River Cross Lake Soda Lake Cross Bayou Silver Lake Larkin Edwards claim Sewell's Cutoff

1998.091 - 1998.091.056

Copy of Plat Maps by Township and Range of Bossier Parish, LA. NorthWestern District, LA Locations include: Cross Lake Red RIver Cross Bayou Flowers Field Pearce's Field Larking Edwards Silver Lake Middle Bayou Twelve Mile Bayou Swan Lake

2011.087 - 2011.087.317

Paper Started by Boys in 1858 Tells of Early- Day Life Here. Newspaper article about the early happenings in Shreveport, Louisiana.

2012.014 - 2012.014.001

Information about the history of Coates Bluff and Wright Island.

VF2015 - VF2015-004

Copy of the Treaty with the Caddo, 1835. Main points: lands ceded to the US, boundaries, Indians to remove within one year, money to be paid for cession, an agent of the nation to be appointed by them, treaty binding when ratified, preamble, grant by Indians to F. Grappe, reservation for Larkin Edwards, articles binding when ratified

VF2015 - VF2015-006

Article titled "Days at Chicora: Lifestyles of the Landed Gentry of Early Bossier Parish" by Breck Bickham. Published in North Louisiana History, volume 31, no. 1, winter 2005, pgs 43-51.

VF2015 - VF2015.104

Caddo Indians gave Larkin Edwards nearly 635 acres within boundaries of the territory they sold to the U.S.

VF2015 - VF2015.115

A breif summary of the Caddo Indian Tribes and interpreter Larkin Edwards.

VF2015 - VF2015.246

Larkin Edwards Wed Daughter of Caddo Indian Tribe Chief: Pioneers in the real sense of the word were Dr. John Sibley and Major Jacob Irwin who had resided in Northwest Louisiana, near the present site of Shreveport, at least a decade before Captain Henry Miller Shreve arrived.

VF2016 - VF2016.038

Two pages from the blogspot of Jim Wells posted on 26 October 2013 The article is about the Sibley Family in Bossier Parish