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Name Automobile
Number of Archive records 21.0
Number of Library records 0.0
Number of Object records 0.0
Number of Photo records 112.0

Associated Records

1997.084 - 1997.084.006

Picture postcard of Main Street, Kilgore, Texas. Oil derricks are visible in the background of picture. Photo measures 51/2 by3 3/8 inches.

Image of 2002.035 - 2002.035.065.005

2002.035 - 2002.035.065.005

Invoices from Hodges Storage to T.A. Tidwell

Image of 1998.079 - 1998.079.007

1998.079 - 1998.079.007

Envelope and Letter to Mrs. Zack (Lizzie) Gardner, Plain Dealing, La. From Mrs. Fannie Norman of Haughton, La. Dated July 04, 1913.

1999.097 - 1999.097.002

Transcribed Document of Oral History Interview of Sam F. Touchstone. Interviewed March 16, 1999 by Nita Cole, Archivist, Bossier Parish Historical Center. March 16, 1999 oral history interview with Sam F. Touchstone founder of Touchstone Museum. (Interview was at museum.) Tape side 1 (on side A of tape). [Mrs. Cole] Mr. Touchstone, tell us something about yourself. When were you born? [Mr. Touchstone] I was born…I discovered America (I like to put it that way)…I discovered America on a Mississippi cotton plantation. My daddy owned a cotton plantation - I was born there, in…uh…Mississippi, I believe they called it…I don't remember the town it's…[undecipherable] I believe. But

1999.112 - 1999.112.001

Photocopied pages of Louisiana section of "Automobile Blue Book, Vol. 7, 1921."

2000.042 - 2000.042.011

Bossier Motor Company Advertisement from the Shreveport Times, 1928.

Image of 2002.035 - 2002.035.065.004

2002.035 - 2002.035.065.004

Invoice from Creamer's Auto Parts to T.A. Tidwell

2002.019 - 2002.019.001A

Transcribed Oral History Interview of William V. Hines conducted by Nita Cole, Archivist on April 22, 2002. Mr. Hines joined the Army in 1944. He was a member of Company C, 276th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion, 70th Infantry Division. Mr. Hines moved to Bossier City in 1964 to manage the Pilgrim Manor Nursing Home.

Image of 2002.035 - 2002.035.030.011

2002.035 - 2002.035.030.011

Invoice To Barnie Smisson for Studebaker 1924 Roby motors company, Inc. Sale of Automobile

2002.035 - 2002.035.045.001

7 Overdue invoices from various merchants to T.A. Tidwell 1903-1930 including G.E. Gilmer Belcher & Creswell Alex Marks S.J. Russell Hutchinson Bros. Pianos and Organs Shreveport Furniture & Carpet R.E. Thomas W.E. Glassell Cooper Bros. R.E. Pilkinton A.C. Steere Co Hodges-Skannal Co. Wray Dickinson Co. Motor Vehicle Bureau Lee Hardware Lettered A - Q

Image of 2002.035 - 2002.035.065.002

2002.035 - 2002.035.065.002

Invoice from Wray-Dickinson Garage for T.A. Tidwell 9/20/1921 T.A. Tidwell Vehicle

Image of 2004.004 - 2004.004.010

2004.004 - 2004.004.010

Louisiana 1935 Vehicle Registration Card for 1928 Oldsmobile Roadster

2002.035 - 2002.035.077B

Chattel mortgage on 1948 Ford Pickup Truck to TA Tidwell from Robert Jackson

2002.035 - 2002.035.134.002

Cards and letters belonging to Daisy "Doodle" Brown written in 1940. Letter from Mary Walton. Mary saw "Boom Town", a Clark Gable film. An old boyfriend of hers now has a white Buick convertible, "I would go with Frankenstein if he had a convertible." One of Mary's friends is sick with tuberculosis.

1997.118 - 1997.118.002

Oral history interview transcription with Mr. And Mrs. Sam Tucker regarding their collection of historic automobiles. Present were Mr. And Mrs. Tucker, Councilman Levone Woodard, and Shanna Faulk.

Image of 2009.044 - 2009.044.025

2009.044 - 2009.044.025

Blank Application for Registry of a vehical

Image of 2009.044 - 2009.044.032

2009.044 - 2009.044.032

Typed letter addressed to The Town of Highland Park. Feb 3, 1955; Gentlemen: Enclosed is my check for ten dollars ($10.00) to cover traffic violation ticket number 34383 issued January 21, 1955, by Officer J. Millian, Badge number 9.

2016.008 - 2016.008.010

Copy of a Typed letter from White Motor Company to Robert D. Whittington, dated; Sept. 1, 1957. Letterhead: White Motor Company Box 188 Phone Sk 6-3322 Authorized Sales and serivce Stanton, Texas Stating will keep this 1957 Fairlane Club Victoria in stock until Nov. 1, 1957. $100.00 deposit is applied on or same on a 1958 modle car. The balance on car is $2300.00 which includes tax and tags. Copy of two Reciepts: Dated 9-1, 1957 in the amount of 100.00 Dated 10-18, 1957 in the amount of 2400.00

Image of 0000.001.023 - Print, Photographic

0000.001.023 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of "Benton Esso Service, Scarboro's, Lodge Hall. Dated 1-17-40" Snow on the ground.

Image of 0000.001.025 - Print, Photographic

0000.001.025 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of First Presbyterian Church, Simpson Street. 1940s