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Name Elections
Number of Archive records 388.0
Number of Library records 0.0
Number of Object records 4.0
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Associated Records

0000.009 - 0000.009.021

Election returns for Convention, April 12, 1852. R.W. Long clerk.

0000.009 - 0000.009.003

Election returns for the town of Bellevue, LA alderman election May 3, 1856 State of Louisiana Parish of Bossier The following is a correct list of the votes polled and the results thereof an election held this day in pursuance of law in the town of Bellevue, LA for the purpose of electing four aldermen for said town of Bellevue this May 3rd, 1856. Names of Voters 1.L. Rathburn 2.ER Herring 3.John T. Kemp 4.LB Taliaferro 5.WJ Duncan 6.JJ Carstarphin 7.JJ Elder 8.LF Steele 9.AA Abney 10.Austin Miller 11.John Brock 12.AW Spurlin 13.George Mason 14.JW Daniel 15.CE Taliaferro 16.WH Hill 17.SC Frith 18.TM Fort 19.JF Cunningham 20.WJ Hancock 21.John R. Miles AA Abney

0000.009 - 0000.009.022

List of Candidates and votes received on June 14, 1852. R.W. Long clerk.

0000.009 - 0000.009.007

Returns of election filed Nov. 10, 1848. R.W. Long, clerk. Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore Whig ticket received 183 votes; Lewis Cass and William O. Butler Democratic ticket received 161 votes.

0000.009 - 0000.009.013

List of the votes for Bossier Parish Assessor. July 16, 1847. Louis F. Steele with 45 votes; E. Edins with 42 votes; P. Alden with 26 votes; Samuel Furniss with 21 votes; Martin Coates with 15 votes; EC Song with 19 votes; JR Miles with 15 votes and George W. [?] with 1 votes.

0000.009 - 0000.009.014

List of voters polled at the November 1847 election.

0000.009 - 0000.009.015

List of votes polled at the November 1849 election.

0000.009 - 0000.009.016

Election returns for Sept. 1850. Election for Senator held Sept. 30, 1850 between John M. Sandidge with 196 votes and G. Vaughn with 17 votes.

0000.009 - 0000.009.026

Election Returns, candidate list, electors, and votes.

0000.009 - 0000.009.017

Election returns of Justice of the Peace for Ward No. 5, June 9, 1851. Elijah Hudson elected over Andrew Lawrence.

0000.009 - 0000.009.018

Results from several national and local elections. Nov. 12, 1851. R.W. Long, Clerk.

0000.009 - 0000.009.019

List of Candidates and votes received in election of June 6, 1852.

0000.009 - 0000.009.020

List of candidates for police juror votes, April 12, 1852.

0000.009 - 0000.009.023

Returns of Election filed in Louisiana December 27, 1852

0000.009 - 0000.009.024

Election Returns "John Slack"

0000.009 - 0000.009.025

I hereby certify that on this 3rd day of November AD 1852, I, Lewis F. Steele, Sheriff of the Parish of Bossier Louisiana, repaired to the Courthouse in the town of Bellevue and in presence of Thomas M. Fort and William J Barnes and other bystanders, compiled the returns sent in by the commissioners of the several precincts of the Parish of Bossier Louisiana, of the election held on the 2nd day of November AD 1852, for the ratification of the new Constitution, lately adopted in Convention at Baton Rouge, for this state when I found that the vote stood as follows to wit; for Constitution accepted there was 179 votes, for Constitution rejected there was 238 votes polled. Thus done and signed

0000.009 - 0000.009.027

Election Returns, candidate list and votes.

0000.009 - 0000.009.028

Election Returns, Supreme Court Judges

0000.009 - 0000.009.029

Election Returns for 17th Judicial District Court

0000.009 - 0000.009.030

Election Returns, District Attorney May 30, 1853.