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Name Land records
Number of Archive records 128
Number of Library records 3

Associated Records

0000.003 - 0000.003.022

Proceeds from lease of land. Aug. 8, 1922.

0000.003 - 0000.003.024

Deposition by Mamie Walker Burkett on Feb. 23, 1972 that in April 1935 her brother, M.H. Walker had sold property to her sister, Emma Walker. Original copy in excellent condition. No photocopy.

0000.025 - 0000.025.001

"Notes on Robert Whittington, Jasper Bunyan Whittington, and Others 1822-1924." By Robert D. Whittington, III.

1997.006 - 1997.006.032

Map of sections of land in Township No. 20 N, Range 13 W, T M Vaughan & Mrs. M. Hanks (or Hawks) to Mrs. M M Buckley…

1997.006 - 1997.006.037

Photocopy of Land Grant Certificate No. 16,255 to William M. Oglesby of Bossier Parish. Oct. 1, 1860

1997.006 - 1997.006.103

"Some Early Land Grants Bossier Parish copied for Bossier Parish Clerk's Office" hand-written copies. 12 pages in all.

1997.006 - 1997.006.107

Copy of deed to land sold by Manuel O'Garte to Andrew H. Adams. 1836

1997.051 - 1997.051.001

Bossier Parish Ownership Map. South half of Parish. Shows all landowners.

Image of 1997.081 - 1997.081.002

1997.081 - 1997.081.002

Transfer of land from James H. Wabeen(?) to A. Mariose (?) Odom. Sept. 15, 1890

1997.084 - 1997.084.010

Land patent from US Government to William L. Baker 60 acres. East 1/2 of Northwest 1/4 of Sect 3 T23 R13. Filed August 7, 1913 by R. D. Hill, Deputy Clerk.

1997.084 - 1997.084.011

Land auction receipt fror Bossier Parish dated April 19, 1885, R. H. Kelly parish Treasurer. Robert H. Davis purchased 80 acres of land for $20.

1998.047 - 1998.047.106.001-.003

# of items: 3 Black & White Legal document donating a tract of land in Bossier Parish to the Parish to build a Juvenile Shelter.

1998.067 - 1998.067.002

Land Patent Document. James Blair Gilmer. April 1, 1843. Land is S35 in T22 of R 14 in Natchitoches. 584 acres. "Coushatta Town Site and Coushatta Plant. (Plantation)." Certificate Number: 1734

1998.067 - 1998.067.001

Land Patent Document. George Oglethorpe Gilmer, John Milton Sandidge and James Blair Gilmer. Jan.1, 1846. Land is the W 1/2 of S 36 in T22 of R 14. 320 acres. Certificate Number: 2345 "Coushatta Land Coushatta Plantation" written on back.

1998.067 - 1998.067.019

State of Louisiana, Parish of Bossier: Before me the undersigned authority personally came and appeared, S.W. Vance, who after being duly sworn approves and says that he recognizes Thomas Hunter's handwrite and knows it to be genuine. Sworn to and subscribed before me this July 13th, 1875. W.O. Slayton, Recorder. Military Bounty Land Act of March 3, 1855, Natchitoches February 19, 1859 Military land warrant No. 23587 in the name of Edmund Dwyer has this day been located by Thomas Hunter upon the southwest quarter of section twenty in township twenty of range thirteen subject to any pre-emption claim which may be filed for said land within forthy dats from this date. Contents of trac

Image of 1998.079 - 1998.079.011

1998.079 - 1998.079.011

Deed of Transfer of Land In Bossier Parish. Sold by S. C. King to Mary Campbell 168 acres in Northwestern La (Bossier Parish) for the amount of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars. Witnessed by William Campbell and John Nattin. Recorded May 13, 1869.

1998.081 - 1998.081.089

Map of ownership, January 1, 1973.

1999.073 - 1999.073.001

Deed for land for the Fullilove Graveyard in Caddo Parish. List of plots and headstones in the Fullilove Cemetery.

1999.141 - 1999.141.088

Abstract of Title for James J. Roberson for land situated in Bossier Parish

2000.052 - 2000.052.012

Photocopy of Land Transactions of a Methodist Church that bought land from Red River Baptist Church.