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Name Railroads
Number of Archive records 68.0
Number of Library records 11.0
Number of Object records 5.0
Number of Photo records 93.0

Associated Records

0000.003 - 0000.003.027

Copy of Deed. Mrs. M.J. Haughton to V.S. & P Railroad Co.

0000.007 - 0000.007.056

Bound copy of The Free State of Bossier

0000.008 - 0000.008.003

Map of the state of Louisiana; shows railroads, common roads, canals,state capital, cities, parish towns, villages, post offices. In Bossier Parish: Pine Flat, Pinville, Bellevue, Connell's Cross Roads,

0000.008 - 0000.008.004

Copy of Map of the Kansas City, Watkins, & Gulf Railway and Connections in Louisiana, Arkansas, and part of Texas 1892. Also shows Iron Mountain & Southern Railroad; St. Louis & Southwestern Railway; St. Louis Iron Mountain Railway; Houston, Central Arkansas & Northern Railroad; Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific Railroad; Texas & Pacific Railway; South Pacific Co. Railway; Houston East & West Texas Railway; International & Great Northern Railroad.

0000.008 - 0000.008.005

Copy of Map of the Texas & Pacific Railway & Connecting Lines. Showing parts of New Mexico, Texas, Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi. Names stops along railway route.

1997.006 - 1997.006.064

Four pages relating to a map from "Riparian Lands of the Mississippi River…" (1901) which shows a railroad line going into Rocky Mount.

1998.062 - 1998.062.006

Copy of letter from Mattie Connell to Sally Connell. Perry County, Alabama June the 1st, 1835 Dear Friend, With reciprocal feelings of friendship (which is earth), love (Eden). I reply to yours of the 16th of Dec by words though not inspired by the magic of your presence but by the sweet memory of the past glowing over life like the beauteous hues of the setting sun (depicting heaven in all its purity). Inexorable fate may part friends but not sever the bonds of friendship (which insinuates from on high and links us to the throne of Omnipotence) but will we not meet, laying aside vanity. For have I not met you tonight while in deep reverie while my heart was thrilled by its expres

Image of 1998.064 - 1998.064.003

1998.064 - 1998.064.003

Pass for St. Louis Southwestern Railway the "Cotton Belt Route". for SJ Zeigler between stations in Arkansas and Louisiana.

Image of 1998.064 - 1998.064.005

1998.064 - 1998.064.005

Pay Check from St. Louis-Southwestern Railroad (The Cotton Belt Line). June 16, 1902 for $1.25.

1999.134 - 1999.134.010

Bossier Parish, La. With Railroad Towns Noted. Circa 1930. Includes: Ansel, Arkana, Barnett, Redland, Carterville, Mot, Bolinger, Mott, Collinsburg, Curry Jc., Emma, Rocky Mount, Hughes Spur, Alden Bridge, Larkins, Seven Pines, Taylor, Bundy Spur, Ivan, McCall Crossing, Benton, Midway Track End, Bellevue, Willow Chute, Vanceville, Brownlee, Grays, Alfalfa, Iberia, Daty, Adner, Princeton, Hainesville, Hide, Allentown, Haughton, Wadley, Koran, Sligo, Rainbow, Blenheim, Bluffs, Wistar, Taylortown, Carvel, Elm Grove, Poole, Atkins, McDade

2000.051 - 2000.051.014A

Oral History Interview with Blackshear H. Snyder and his wife Mrs. Margaret Pilkinton Snyder at their home in Elm Grove, Louisiana. Interview was conducted by Mrs. Nita Cole on June 14, 2000.

2001.035 - 2001.035.001

Original tape. Interview with Jack R. Smith January 9, 2001 Mr. Smith has brought some Kansas City Southern and Louisiana and Arkansas railroad memorabilia. He was employed by the L & A railroad, which later merged with the Kansas City Southern line. Tape 1, Side A [1-630] [Mr. Smith]:I've brought a few things, I didn't know what you would be interested in. That's an old safety rule. [Mrs. Cole]:The L & A Booklet of Safety Rules 1947. Yes sir, we are all very interested in this. [Mr. Smith]:That's the old time table that we were using when I first started running engines. I wrote all over it. I had to write how long it would take me to go from place to place. [Mrs

2001.035 - 2001.035.001A

Transcription of oral history interview with Jack R. Smith. Conducted by Nita Cole Jan 9, 2001.

2001.041 - 2001.041.096

From the Bossier Banner Newspaper, May 12, 1904, the Charter of "The Bodcau Valley Railway Company". The Whited and Wheless Lumber Company of Alden Bridge owned the Bodcau Valley Railway. A photocopy of a 1922 map showing some of the small railways in Bossier Parish is attached. Map is by George F. Cram Company, Chicago Illinois.

2002.035 - 2002.035.064.001

Louisiana Railway & Navigation Company System brochure & ticket stub 1928

2002.035 - 2002.035.066.001C

Notice from A.H. Crawford to W.S. Tidwell for Freight Received

Image of 1998.064 - 1998.064.004

1998.064 - 1998.064.004

Pass for St. Louis Southwestern Railway, the "Cotton Belt Route". For SJ Zeigler

1997.031 - 1997.031.002A

Transcription of "History of North Bossier Parish" by Mr. Manry and Mr. Bryce Turnley 10/24/92

2011.046 - 2011.046.006

Postcard from W.N. Clark to a Mr. A.E. Brown stationed at Barksdale Field expressing thoughtfulness in sending pictures postmarked Jan 22, 1949.

2011.046 - 2011.046.007

Postcard from Wm. F. Lott to C.W. Witleck of Shreveport regarding railroad memorabilia collecting.